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If you’re suffering from “short-arm syndrome” – holding objects further away in order to read – then you have presbyopia.Fortunately, solutions exist.


It really depends on your specific needs. Solutions range from basic reading glasses available at any convenience store to prescription lenses, where the choice ranges from bifocals, trifocals and single vision lenses to progressive lenses. So in the first instance consult your optician. He or she will describe the advantages and disadvantages of these options and suggest the most appropriate solution for your specific visual needs.
Reading Glasses
Reading glasses are designed for close-up work and while they don’t have to be worn all day, their optical power is limited. The lenses are a standard vision parameter, not measured to your own specific vision needs. While they may help you temporarily, you may feel easily tired when using them for a long time.

Single Vision Lenses
Single vision lenses have the same optical power across the whole lens surface. They’re the primary solution to correct classic vision problems like short-sightedness, long-sightedness or astigmatism. However, they’re designed to correct one visual defect at a time and will not deliver multiple vision corrections simultaneously.

Mid-distance Glasses
Mid-distance lenses are composed entirely of one lens that’s specifically designed for seeing objects from about 1-2m ahead to close range. They’re handy for computer use or watching TV, but they only correct vision at middle distance and you’ll have to take them off or reach for another pair of eyeglasses to do other tasks.

Bifocals & Trifocals
Bifocal & trifocal lenses consist of two or three lens segments separated by visible lines. They’re used to correct vision at two or three distances, including reading distance lost to presbyopia, but they don’t offer the same fluidity as progressive lenses. You have to adjust your position to find the right zone all the time and cope with the lines between the lens segments.

Progressive Lenses
Progressive lenses are equipped with a correction power that varies smoothly and seamlessly over the entire surface of the lenses. At the top they adapt to far vision; in the middle, intermediate vision; and at the bottom, near vision. The result is a simple and effective solution to presbyopia and compatible with all visual corrections.
Many opticians recommend Varilux® progressive lenses. This is because Varilux® progressive lenses incorporate a range of cutting edge technologies to respond to each unique visual need and provide sharp, effortless vision at any distance. Varilux® progressive lenses revolutionized the optical industry when launched in the 1950s. Since then they have grown increasingly sophisticated through a series of technological innovations that eliminate the blurriness and low-light issues of ordinary progressive lenses.  So they give you sharp vision at any distance – even in dimly lit conditions



For effortless sharp vision at any distance, Varilux® lenses are designed using the latest optical technology. They offer extreme comfort, harmonious and smooth transitions, and instantaneous sharp vision. They help you regain confidence in your sight.


If you’re new to progressive lenses, you’re likely to be sensitive to postural issues associated with standard progressive lenses such as having to constantly adjust your position to see properly. Varilux® lens corrects this by offering the latest technology to offer you true comfort and stability of vision.

Seamless vision at any distance
There’s nothing worse than having to juggle between glasses. With Varilux® lenses, you can enjoy seamless vision at any distance – near, far and everywhere in between, even in low light conditions. Why bother with several pairs when one can do it all?

No need to hunt for the sweet spot
Forget about having to bob your head up and down and side to side to find the right zone in the lens to see clearly. The latest generation of Varilux® lenses eliminates head movement and allows you to capture every detail within arms’ reach and beyond, effortlessly.

See everything within arm‘s reach
As an active, multitasking 40-something, you probably navigate between multiple near distances all day: grabbing a coffee on the run, checking your smartphone, working on your tablet or PC, presenting on the meeting room screen, reading the kids a bedtime story.

You’re one of the many people with age-related weakening near sight who need to see everything within arms’ reach immediately and switch quickly from one distance to another. The latest generation of Varilux(s) brings you extended vision within arm's reach so you can embrace every inch of your world.
With standard progressive lenses, wearers say...





What do wearers think of Varilux® lenses : 96%* of wearers are satisfied with the quality of vision their Varilux® lenses give them

Prior to launch, all Varilux® lenses are tested by glasses wearers in their own living conditions over several weeks, using a proprietary process called LiveOptics™ that includes the latest optical research to ensure maximum satisfaction for all future wearers.

* Global Studies conducted between 2009 and 2017 on 1903 wearers (n = 18 studies)