• #SeeGoodDoGood

Care for those who have cared for your eyes

This lockdown has affected the livelihoods of many. Amongst the affected are your favourite optical store's sales staff. While they have always ensured that your vision received the utmost care, it's time for us to show our support and help them back. Essilor has taken the first step with the #SeeGoodDoGood initiative. Essilor lenses as we all know is the #1Spectacle lenses worldwide. Taking caring of your eyes is of utmost importance and it has always been our mission to improve lives by improving sight.

As part of #SeeGoodDoGood, Essilor will be contributing 3% of the proceeds on every Essilor lens you purchase to support the sales staff sail though this lockdown. Bouncing back from this unexpected pandemic has been the entire world's collective effort. Your favorite neighbourhood Eye Care Practitioner has always recommended what is best for your eyes and your eye health.
Now is our time to care for those who care for our eyes. Let us contribute to their vision of the future is clear and bright too.

We urge you to show your support.