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Choosing the right optician near you

Finding the right eyeglasses is not easy. You have to find a frame that you like and lenses that are adapted to your personal needs. To do so, it’s crucial to find the right eye care professional who can advise you all along the way.

Essilor Experts eye care professionals put you and your vision at the center of their attention. They understand your needs perfectly and recommend personalized lenses. They are trained and certified to take care of your eyes


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Get personalized spectacle lenses from #1 in spectacle lenses worldwide*

Using the latest Essilor lens innovations in measurement technology, coupled with years of expertise, Essilor Experts, assist you in finding a customized visual solution that truly complements vision needs. Essilor Experts continuously train their teams so they remain at the leading edge of clinical care, lens technologies and innovation. 

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Innovative lens solutions from Essilor Experts to suit every lifestyle

Essilor Experts offer “Lenses designed as per your Lifestyle”. They are Expert eye care professionals who recommend Essilor lenses, the latest Essilor lens technologies to correct your vision and protect your eyes. 

For Extended Computer Use | For the Night-time Drivers | For Presbyopia | For the Bibliophiles | For the Lovers of Outdoors (Light Intelligent Lenses) | For the Sports Lover 

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Essilor Experts take a series of precise measurements to personalize your lenses for maximum vision performance. The use of state-of-the-art vision care tools ensures that the majority of the tests and measurements are done contactless. Our partners make sure to deliver a positive experience, enhanced by the latest Essilor measurement instruments at every step of the way.



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Latest International frame brands and styles at nearby Essilor Experts Optical Shop

Essilor Experts bring you the international standard of frame designs that are customized to make you look good and feel good! For your face type, they help you choose the right frame type from a variety of brands from across the globe.

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How to recognize Essilor Experts opticians?

1.    Essilor Experts eye care professionals are easy to identify thanks to the “Essilor Experts” sign on their store. 
2.    You will also notice a certificate inside their store.
3.    Most importantly, Essilor Experts stand out for their unmatched expertise, for the personalized products they recommend and for the seamless experience they deliver. 

*Eyewear 2021 edition; Essilor International company; worldwide retail value sales at RSP.


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