Today, people have different passions and multiple fields of interest. Some like to travel, some like to focus on their fitness while some enjoy spending most of their time on the web world. Like how you have different attire for different occasions or different gadgets for different requirements, spectacles are no different. When the interest areas are multiple in everyone’s life there is a need for multiple lenses to meet their needs too. Hence, Essilor introduces Crizal® Bundle of Happiness Offer — A bundle of happiness where the lenses  are bundled basis a mix of your lifestyle.

Why have more than one pair of Spectacles?

Choosing the right lenses is critical, not just for your visual health but also to enhance your vision experience. No matter what you do, enjoy the best-in-class clarity without any visual disturbance with Crizal® lenses. With lenses that cater to different needs at different points of time during your day or your activities, it is important that your eyes are always guarded. Using lenses which have different benefits for your visual needs will ensure you have the clearest vision at anytime.

Bundles of Happiness from CRIZAL®:

  • ProtectBundle


Spend long hours on your laptop? How about your mobile phone? And you must travel a lot too? Experience lenses that keeps you protected in your active lifestyle.

Crizal®Prevencia  lenses help in protecting your eyes against harmful Blue light from digital devices and allows the good blue light to pass which is essential for the overall body clock. UV protection, resistance to Dust, Scratches, water, Smudge & its Anti-reflection features giving you best-in-class clarity of vision.

Transitions® light intelligent lenses are light adaptive lenses that provide 100% protection from UV rays and harmful blue light, both indoors and out. They adapt to the perfect shade, so you see with just the right amount of light.

  • ComfortBundle


Do you travel outdoors a lot? If your work demands you to move around and a chunk of your activities include constantly working on the go, along with time-to-time leisure outings with friends and family,

Transitions® light intelligent lenses is your best fit. These lenses offer comfortable & clear vision both indoor and outdoor.

Crizal® Sapphire 360º UV is a nearly invisible lens which reduces glare and gives you the best-in-class vision clarity while fighting the enemies of clear vision. It gives you great comfort against disturbing reflections. Talk about looking good when you click a selfie – The reduced reflections make the lens nearly invisible and give you clearest vision whether you’re at your work place, at home or at a recreational space.

  • RelaxBundle


As Tech Geeks, Gamers and Arcade enthusiasts, endless hours of coding and gaming greatly strains your eyes.

Eyezen® lenses help you by enabling relaxed and clearer vision along with protection from harmful Blue light and seeping in of good Blue light. The eye is kept relaxed even when you switch between digital devices.

Transitions® light intelligent lenses help in sun glare reduction, in protection from harmful Blue light, relaxes the eye in natural light with a cooling effect.

  • LookGoodBundle


Experience the clearest vision with the perfect look. Standard lenses typically come in the way of a good picture with its not-so-good anti-reflection feature.

Crizal® Sapphire 360º UV is a nearly invisible lens which reduces glare and gives you the best in class vision clarity while fighting the enemies of clear vision.

Crizal® Forte UV lens is powered to resist scratch, smudge, dust and water while providing protection from harmful UV on the front and back of the lens.

  • ClarityBundle


Local or unbranded lenses could damage your vision in the long term. This is precisely the reason you need to upgrade to a Crizal® UV lens which enables you with clearest vision.

Crizal® UV lenses offer anti-reflection, scratch resistance and UV protection which gives you clarity of vision while performing any task at any time. 

Choose the Crizal® bundle that suits your lifestyle

Crizal® is celebrating happiness and spreading smiles. Walk in to a store near you and ask your eye care specialist to recommend to you the best Crizal®  Bundle of lenses to suit your lifestyle. Now, buy a pair of Crizal® lenses and get the second pair starting from Rs 799. *Terms & Conditions apply

The offer is limited to the period November 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019. To find a store near you, enter the postal code below.


Visit your nearest eye care specialist and get the best lenses for your needs

  • bluelight-crizal-difference

Crizal® Benefits

What is the fuss about Blue light?

Blue light because of its short wavelength and high energy, scatter more easily than other visible light. It passes through the unprotected eye and can harm it. Prolonged exposure to blue light can be harmful. Computers, tablets, and smartphones, the devices that we need to be connected with the world, are the ones that emit blue light. It is estimated that on an average most people spend around 12 hours in front of screens of these devices. 
This prolonged exposure has made it imperative that your eyes are protected at all times. Crizal lenses help prevent long-term damages to your eyes by selectively filtering harmful UV and blue light only allowing the essential blue light to pass through. These lenses are available to everyone whether you have a prescription or just want a pair of computer glasses. Ask your eye care specialist about Crizal Prevencia lenses 

  • antiglare-crizal-difference

Crizal reduces reflections, significantly

Whether you are driving at night or taking selfies outside with your group, reflection and glare can get in the way of clear vision. It can prevent others from seeing you clearly too. The anti-reflection feature with anti-glare benefit on Crizal lenses reduces reflections from all directions providing sharp vision, better aesthetics and safer night time driving. Ask your eye care specialist about Crizal Sapphire 360 UV with the best-in-class transparency*.

* Perceived transparency and invisibility based on Wearers Test 2017 [Fr] N=50 – resulting from a better perception of anti-reflective feature. Best in class: among the best within a certain category.

Other Benefits of Crizal