What Do Computer Glasses Do?

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What Do Computer Glasses Do?


What are computer glasses?

There has been a considerable increase in the number of people complaining about pain behind their eyes or dryness in the eyes. This may be attributed to digital eye strain which is the fatigue caused by regular and consistent usage of digital media. Prolonged exposure to the digital screen exerts pressure and strain on your eyes and produces a sensation of burning and itching. Using computer glasses can be of great help in this case. 

In advancing times, a majority of the work across all industries is primarily dependent upon technology and digitization of the means has advanced the standards to a great extent. However, along with those advancements, there are a few things that need extra care. One of the most used and affected parts of the body in this digital revolution is the eyes. 

To make sure your eyes do not get damaged due to the exertion caused by prolonged exposure to the digital screen, computer glasses have become a must now. Computer glasses are the protective eyewear that provide extensive protection against the harmful blue light of the digital screen. 

Computer glasses and prescription glasses

Computer glasses are often confused with prescription glasses. Prescription glasses are the ones you wear in case you have a power problem, generally called as a number. Computer glasses, on the other hand, can be power-free (or zero number). They primarily provide comfort to the eyes while working in front of a laptop, computer, mobile phone, or gaming console. 

Poor vision is one of the damages caused by prolonged use of the screen. These long sessions in front of the screen have made users accustomed to the fatigue they cause, which is not normal. Hence to avoid any such strain and exertion to the eyes, you can use computer glasses

Benefits of wearing computer glasses

Eye strain and fatigue are incredibly discomforting. In order to avoid them, you can try wearing computer glasses. Along with these, there are several benefits to wearing computer glasses. These are:

  1. Reduced eye strain
  2. Restored vision
  3. Reduced headaches
  4. Reduction in glare from the screen
  5. Better colour contrast
  6. Ability to sit for long hours without eye strain
  7. Clearer vision
  8. Ideal for working in the night
  9. Blocks blue light from the screen

Computer glasses are not just beneficial to your eyes but also to your general health. Slouching and hunching are common posture problems that come with long sitting hours. While slouching is a pure posture problem, hunching over the screen can be related to poor or blurred vision. When you are unable to see some text or message over your screen properly, you tend to hunch over the screen. This not only increases the strain over your eyes but also leads to bad posture that gives rise to back and neck related issues. 

When do you need computer glasses?

There is no prescribed age to start using computer glasses. You should not delay consulting a doctor if discomfort persists in your eyes. However, the situation may be a little more alarming if you are under the age of 35 to 40 years and have already started complaining about blurred or poor vision. Another major problem that is an outcome of prolonged screen time is the inability to focus. While working on your laptop or computer, you consistently have to switch your focus between screen and keyboard, which requires a lot of attention to resume the previous task right from where you left it. 

If you face similar problems, going for computer glasses can be of great help. You must consult your optician if the problem persists after taking precautions and using computer glasses. 

How do computer glasses work?

Computer glasses are made of a specialized lens called the Blue cut lenses. This is a specialized treatment that helps in blocking the blue light that the screens emit. While most of the lenses filter the blue light, these lenses can block up to 90% of the blue light that comes from different screens and blue light sources. 

With growing advancement, humans have surrounded themselves with a lot of light. The eye, however, is still not fully evolved to accommodate so much light from artificial light sources that cause strain in the eyes and ultimately lead to poor vision. 

The two main features in computer glasses are:

  1. Anti-reflective coating
  2. Colour tints

Both these features are known to provide comfort to the eyes and reduce eye strain. 

How to test computer glasses?

To be sure that your computer glasses actually block the harmful blue light, you can ask your lens provider company to issue a spectrum report for your lenses. This spectrum report will tell you what percentage of blue light your lenses block. A good computer lens must block at least 30% of the blue light that comes from the screens and different light sources. 

How to choose computer glasses?

While you go for buying your computer glasses, there are certain factors that you must take into consideration to buy the most effective ones. Here are some of them:

  1. Maximum protection from harmful rays
  2. Percentage of blue light reduction and filtering
  3. Tint and hue
  4. Compatibility with your prescription
  5. Ability to be customized as per need